International group of Experts in EV market just launched in Europe

EEMCG-1 kopie 2 Launched few days ago, European Electric Mobility Consulting Group (EEMCG) is a network that bundles experienced and independent electric vehicle (EV) professionals throughout Europe. EEMCG joins EV consultants from 13 different countries. The goal is to share best practices and develop EV projects for international clients.  EEMCG combines its pan-European knowledge and experience within an international network. Our clients are served by a high standard team of consultants for an adequate implementation of EV projects. EEMCG provides strategic consultancy and business development for the energy and automotive industry as well as (trans-) national and local governments.

EV is growing rapidly in Europe. In Norway 20% of the sold vehicles were EV’s last March. And already more than 35.000 electric vehicles drive in The Netherlands. Numbers are expected to rise to 200.000 in 2020. In Europe 60.000 EV’s were sold last year. Some countries are struggling with the growth though. The EU has clear goals: in 2020 member states aim to have 8-9 million EV’s on the road.  Close cooperation and an integrated approach will render EV and EV infrastructure growth in all European countries.

EEMCG offers the best practices, network and in depth knowledge on the electric vehicle market in 13 European countries. The network will provide its knowledge starting today through its website and network. Furthermore, a yearly EV country report will be delivered free of charge, of which the first release is October 2014.

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