Fastned plans to install fast charge stations in urban areas

Fastned announces a partnership with the municipality of The Hague for the construction of five fast-charging stations in The Hague city. This is the first step for Fastned to expand its network of fast-charging stations to urban locations. Fastned and the municipality respond to the needs of the electric car driver to fast charge anywhere. The Hague predicts a rapid growth of electric cars and signed an agreement with Fastned for the construction of five fast-charging stations in the city in 2016. Fastned also plans to build fast-charging stations in other cities.

187811-Persbeeld_Den_Haag_RGB_3-826d9f-large-1447928495Fastned is building the world’s first network of fast-charging stations where all electric cars can charge within 20 minutes. Currently the company has 44 stations operational and with the construction of one station per week this number is increasing rapidly. By building fast-charging stations Fastned plays on the growing number of electric cars in the city and the need to recharge quickly. Bart Lubbers, co-founder of Fastned: “Stations in the city make our network complete. Electric drivers want to charge their car where the battery is empty and that can be in the city as well as along the highway. In the Netherlands the majority of the people don’t have their own driveway. Also these people want to drive electric and that makes public fast-charging stations essential. The Hague understands this well and is the first city in the Netherlands getting the fast-charging stations.”

Tom de Bruijn, alderman of Finance, Traffic, Transport and Environment of the city of The Hague: “More and more people are switching to an electric car. A positive development that The Hague stimulates as much as possible because electric transport is clean and cheap. The growth of electric cars also increases the need for good charging infrastructure. That’s why the five new fast-charging stations are a great asset to The Hague. I am happy with the agreement with Fastned and have total confidence that this will result in an excellent collaboration. ”

In contrast to a public charging station that can charge up to two cars per day, a full Fastned station can provide a capacity of 150 cars per day. The fast-charging stations will be built along busy city roads.

Dopo l’Estonia anche in Olanda la più vasta rete di ricarica veloce

Fastned, newco olandese nata per realizzare un’infrastruttura di ricarica nazionale ha scelto l’azienda svizzera  ABB per la rete di ricarica veloce.

#ABB si conferma sempre più leader internazionale per le infrastrutture di ricarica veloce. Dopo l’Estonia un altro progetto per oltre 200 colonnine all’interno del progetto “Dutch EV Network Fastned”. Prima consegna prevista a settembre 2015. Ogni stazione avrà pannelli solari e il totale delle installazioni consentirà una copertura ogni 50km, quanto basta per dare l’accessibilità alla mobilità elettrica per tutti i 16,7 milioni di cittadini Olandesi.

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