Zero Emission City project

ZEC project has been designed in 2010 and launched during the 5th edition of MobilityTech.  The project represents a model to introduce the electric mobility in a urban environment. Through the creation of a opened platform to all car and moped brands and a public/private partnership, GreenValue planned a common path to make the future of mobility concrete as soon as possible.

The mission is to recreate in minor scale the global scenario: combining the transport users (private citizens, companies, public fleets, car sharing, commercial services) vehicles (available to be sold now or in the nearest future) with characteristics compatible to the needs.

The 5 main elements of the project ZEC are: 

Industrial partnerships with the electric mobility system (recharge facilities, management of vehicle fleets, organization of assistance network) 

Involvement of operator in the mobility sector of the territory or   the main companies

Incentive plan for the mobility of vehicles (no restrictions, free parking, etc….)

Economic bonus for the purchase or use of means of transport

Cultural plan of sensibilization for citizens

ZEC started to be realized in the City of Parma and recently in Naples. During 2012 has been presented in some of the most qualified international professional meetings

On march 27th 2012 the first meeting in Amsterdam at CEVITTS/INTERTRAFFIC,

On june 27th in Berlino ZEC was presented to  Electric Vehicle Infrastructure World Forum,

Next November, 21 ZEC will showcase in Brussel at the European Electric Vehicle Congress, an official european event co-organized with European Commision

To exchange experience is very helpful and  we know that common strategies and other countries realised initiatives confirm the right path of the project. In all cases we face the same will to invest in a slow revolution that requires funding, time, cultural, political and economical change

Here you can find some press release about the project (italian)

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Quattroruote dossier flotte dicembre 2010