25 years of 3D printing at the BMW Group: Pioneers in additive manufacturing methods

The BMW Group is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the introduction of additive manufacturing at the company these days. The additive manufacturing methods, which are becoming more well known under the collective term of ‘3D printing’, are among the key production methods of the future.

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BMW e l’innovazione tecnologica del 3dprinting applicata allo sviluppo prodotto

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Local Motors’ LM3D Swim set to be the world’s first 3D-printed electric production car

Tennessee-based Local Motors is aiming to become the first manufacturer to bring a 3D-printed electric car to market. The LM3D Swim is a demonstration of the speed at which additive manufacture can bring ideas into reality.

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LocalMotors presenta versione “quasi definitiva” del prototipo in 3dprinting annunciato lo scorso anno. A un prezzo di 53.000 Euro la piccola vettura promette agibilità di movimento e trazione elettrica. Da capire quale possa essere il mercato di un prodotto di questa tipologia e soprattutto come applicare il 3d-printing alla produzione. Costi e vincoli tecnologici sono ancora un limite.

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Apple Car: What’s the story so far on Project Titan?

You’ve heard the rumours by now: forget about waiting for Apple to revolutionise the living room by launching a magical HDTV set straight from your dreams,

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All the questions (and some answers) about #apple car . Diving article about all rumors, debate e claims on Apple car project

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Tesla reports biggest loss in 10 quarters, but stock rises

Electric automaker Tesla Motors today reported its biggest loss in 10 quarters as it spent heavily on the rollout of the Model X SUV and the development of the Model 3 vehicle.

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Carlo Iacovini: Tesla presenta la quadrimestrale con la maggior perdita degli ultimi anni (quasi 230 mln $) a causa del lancio di modelX e sviluppo Model3. Ma a fine giornata le azioni salgono del 7% con l’annuncio della presentazione della Model3 a marzo 2016. Strategia di comunicazione finanziaria e mercato ottimista.

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Ride-sharing services gaining traction with business travelers

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are gaining popularity among business travelers, but they still take a back seat to rental cars.
That was the conclusion of a study by Maine-based Certify, a software company for business expense management that looked at 8.5 million expense reports filed…


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Carlo Iacovini : Il ride sharing diventa “corporate”. Sempre più aziende, in America usano #Uber #Lyft al pari di rental e taxi.

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Sharing mobility is game changer, again!

$24M round B financing to US based peer-to-peer car sharing start up Getaround

By Carlo Iacovini

Since the last few years car sharing is changing personal and corporate mobility. Early start ups opened the market to rental models by hours and proved to became concrete businesses. Zipcar is a brand of AvisBudget group and keeps expanding operations in mi_car2goUS and Europe. Local and national traditional car sharing operators grew in small scale models or become part of bigger networks. Especially in Europe we still see companies operating in city areas or nation based, not always being profitable with public funds. The most relevant innovation came by the free floating scheme. In Italy car2go and national oil company ENI owned ENJOY played a complete revolution in major cities like Milan, Rome and Florence, with more than 100.000 customers and for instance in Rome 15.000 rentals weekly. Free floating car sharing is easy to access and technology makes it appreciated by customers who also like glamour cars (Fiat 500 and Smart). While Autolib in France is the winning scheme proving that electric one way car sharing can impact on urban mobility with relevant Co2 emission reductions northern Europe markets still keep traditional schemes. In my recent published book (“Car Sharing il Business si muove” Edizione Ambiente) I describe different international experiences and business case but the market is rapidly changing again.cover_Car_Sharing_iacovini

From US a new wave of innovation is facing the car sharing market, pioneering disruptive business models that combine high technology with unexpected individual behavior. Technology is the key driver of new application as new appls make simple sharing and operating services

Two different premises determined new businesses based on the concept of sharing personnel car:

  • Sharing private car as a driver
  • Sharing private car

UBER or Lyft represent best examples of the first approach, even if with different positioning. Uber is giant google funded key player to mobility services with a discussed overestimated financial evaluation that brings the company to be bigger than Facebook operating worldwide but with recent accuses of inappropriate strategies, against competitors, privacy policies violation for customers or even journalists. Law is also an issue as in almost every country transportation has specific rules and taxi regulations and private services need to operate in a new legal framework, still to be defined. Uber plan surely doesn’t focus only on the existing services and the goal of the company is to reshape overall mobility system in cities around the world. There might be the chance they will make it.

Looking at the future there are few new players facing the market with high potentialsuccess based on point 2. Relayrides and Getaround are 2 recent start ups

source: Techcrunch
source: Techcrunch

focusing on the opportunity for private people to share individual car to other members. For those who area familiar with sharing economy, it’s like AIRBNB for cars. While Relay rides targets daily (or longer) rental, Getaround seems to have found what in Italy we call “l’uovo di Colombo” (“Columbus egg” means something very clever). The GetaroundConnect is a device installed in the car allowing to open and to end the rental process with you phone. The keyless entry to vehicles makes easy to access even a private car because it solves the most inconvenient practical procedure (meeting to the owners and exchange the keys). This innovation increases numbers of vehicle available for customers, so the business itself. After few years testing in some cities Getaround just raised $24M round B funding from strategic partner Cox Automotive, to grow in US cities and improve operations. Considering number of vehicles parked on the streets for 80% of the day in bigger cities we bet that getaround is highly potential large scale business, not only in US but in Europe too specially where motorization index are insane (as in Italy).

International group of Experts in EV market just launched in Europe

EEMCG-1 kopie 2 Launched few days ago, European Electric Mobility Consulting Group (EEMCG) is a network that bundles experienced and independent electric vehicle (EV) professionals throughout Europe. EEMCG joins EV consultants from 13 different countries. The goal is to share best practices and develop EV projects for international clients.  EEMCG combines its pan-European knowledge and experience within an international network. Our clients are served by a high standard team of consultants for an adequate implementation of EV projects. EEMCG provides strategic consultancy and business development for the energy and automotive industry as well as (trans-) national and local governments.

EV is growing rapidly in Europe. In Norway 20% of the sold vehicles were EV’s last March. And already more than 35.000 electric vehicles drive in The Netherlands. Numbers are expected to rise to 200.000 in 2020. In Europe 60.000 EV’s were sold last year. Some countries are struggling with the growth though. The EU has clear goals: in 2020 member states aim to have 8-9 million EV’s on the road.  Close cooperation and an integrated approach will render EV and EV infrastructure growth in all European countries.

EEMCG offers the best practices, network and in depth knowledge on the electric vehicle market in 13 European countries. The network will provide its knowledge starting today through its website and network. Furthermore, a yearly EV country report will be delivered free of charge, of which the first release is October 2014.