European marketplace for electric mobility infrastructures is ready to start but EV still missing

Green eMotion is a large-scale European electromobility demonstration project, launched within the European Union’s Green Cars Initiative. It brings together 43 partners from industry, energy sector, electric vehicle manu facturers, municipalities as well as universities and research institutions. The aim is to develop and to demonstrate a commonly accepted and user-friendly framework consisting of interoperable and scalable technical solutions in connection with a sustainable business platform. The four-year project started in March 2011. It has a total budget of €42m, €24m of which are funded by the European Commission.

Few days ago the project launched a new demonstration phase, a first marketplace for standardization ICT. One of the objectives of Green eMotion is to develop an IT system that includes the definition of the interfaces needed for a European marketplace for electromobility services and the practical demonstration of its functionality. The aim is to ensure that users of electric vehicles can access the charging infrastructure anywhere in Europe and that it is simple to operate. The corresponding service offering, for example roaming between different charging point operators (roaming in this context meaning the use of a charging service outside the coverage area of the contractual provider), will thus be enabled on a pan-European scale, similar to the situation we are familiar with today with mobile phones. The business-to-business (B2B) market place will also be open to other market places and service providers so that innovative new concepts for electromobility can be offered in an uncomplicated manner. This marketplace will be used in practically all Green eMotion demonstration regions in Europe, like Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, and Rome.

The first phase of the tests starts now and comprises functionalities for locating charging points and for clearing charging processes. In the second development phase, a second market place release will be established as well as services will be added covering reservation of charging points and energy load management.

EV framework is welcome to the market, hoping to see more cars on streets to use the network

Italian version of the article published on International Business Times Magazine

One thought on “European marketplace for electric mobility infrastructures is ready to start but EV still missing

  1. Ashley Abraham

    The European marketplace for infrastructure is actually not ready to start. The Green eMotion project is a research and demonstration region project with two and a half years still to run, but which time the infrastructure might or might not be ready. In Poland there are only 10 charging stations located in Warsaw and none in the rest of this very big country. In Lithuania there is one charging station (3.6 kW) courtesy of Coulomb Technologies. In Latvia there are three charging stations, one networked and the other two not networked (2 x 3.6 and 1 x 22 kW).

    It is because of this lack of charging infrastructure that EV manufacturers are choosing not to launch their EVs into such markets. Neither Nissan nor Renault EVs are available in Poland, Lithuania or Latvia and there is no timeframe for EV launches either. All this means is that the infrastructure is not ready. Unless the EC will legislate minimum infrastructure requirements, this issue is likely to remain and will stifle uptake of e-mobility into the foreseeable future.

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