Overview della ricerca ABB sullo sviluppo delle smartcities in Italia.


by Boyd Cohen

Most of the time, smart cities initiatives begin at the municipal level, and occasionally they are prodded by citizen groups as bottom-up initiatives.  However the UK recently announced a competitive funding process for UK municipalities amounting to £24 million. And now it appears that Italy has chosen to explore a top-down strategy for rolling out smart cities throughout the country.

ABB recently completed research to assist the Italian government to to develop a national level strategy to encourage smart city advancement in the country.  After discovering that only 8% of residents had even heard of smart cities, they realized one of the first steps in the process will be to begin a citizen engagement program.

Thanks to the people at URENIO in Greece, I just discovered the English-language executive summary of the full report (which is in Italian) and will include some highlights here.

There are 7 key…

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