E alla fine anche le grandi metropoli americane scelgono la via delle “due ruote” per migliorare la propria mobilità. Non è più scelta economica o ecologista, ma la consapevolezza di poter migliorare la qualità della vita nelle città. Qui di seguito un’analisi dell’esperto americano Boy Cohen. (in inglese)


by Boyd Cohen

Increasing cycling accessibility and use is obviously an important part of a city´s transition to becoming a smart and green city.  Of course increased cycling use also contributes other benefits such as improved health outcomes and quality of life of citizens.  Many European cities have known this for decades.  Copenhagen and Amsterdam are frequently as leaders in promoting cycling.  For example nearly 40% of all commuting trips in Copenhagen are by bike, and their goal for 2015 is to reach 50%!

No large city in the U.S. can come close to Copenhagen’s cycling culture, yet anyway.  But major cities throughout the U.S. are getting on the bandwagon.

The Economist recently highlighted this positive trend.

MORE and more Americans are taking to the road on two wheels. Between 1977 and 2009 the total number of annual bike trips more than tripled, while the bike’s share of all trips…

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